Full Page Ads for Realtor

FULL PAGE AD Previous Next DETAILS: A local Realtor requested ads for Indianapolis Monthly and a local magazine. He wanted ads that are unique and would stand out among the other real estate ads in the publications. He also wanted to portray luxury for his luxury listings. We used silver and black for the luxury […]

Manufacturing Brochure

MANUFACTURING BROCHURE DETAILS: This square tri-fold brochure highlights Pro Plastics validation process. It was created to be used at trade shows and to share with potential clients.  TOOLS: Adobe InDesign, Photoshop CLIENT: Pro Plastics

Management Consultant Business Cards

MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT BUSINESS CARDS DETAILS: Pintail Solutions, a management consulting and leadership development company in Indianapolis, requested a logo to correspond with their company name and pintail theme. We designed a clean logo with a subtle tie to the pintail. TOOLS: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator CLIENT: FORUM Credit Union Ready to tell a story that gets […]

Marriage Preparation Program Brochure

MARRIAGE PREPARATION PROGRAM BROCHURE DETAILS: One In Christ, Indianapolis offers marriage preparation seminars in the Indianapolis and Bloomington areas. The client requested a brochure to promote their seminars to engaged couples. We worked together to create a simple and professional piece while remaining consistent with their brand. TOOLS: Adobe InDesign, Photoshop CLIENT: One In Christ […]

Company Products + Services Booklet

COMPANY PRODUCTS + SERVICES BOOKLET DETAILS: This 8-page booklet offers FORUM Credit Union members and potential members a comprehensive introduction to the many of the products and services offered. In addition to using FORUM’s font and color branding, we chose images relating to the credit union’s vision, location, and online offerings to create this easy-to-read […]

Service Overview Brochure

SERVICE OVERVIEW BROCHURE DETAILS: This tri-fold brochure highlights the services offered by FORUM’s Private Client Group, a subsidiary of FORUM Credit Union. The client’s goal was to present a sophisticated service in a non-intimidating, easy to understand format. We gave this square brochure a clean look that is easy to read. This tells the Private […]

Point of Sale Posters + Handouts

POINT OF SALE POSTERS + HANDOUTS DETAILS: Every couple of months, FORUM Credit Union updates posters and handouts in their branch locations. These marketing materials promote their various products, services, or special events. Each piece is designed to reflect FORUM’s brand. The posters draw attention to the product or service and the handouts provide details […]

Product Folder + Infographic

PRODUCT FOLDER + INFOGRAPHIC DETAILS: FORUM Credit Union works to streamline processes to make them simple and pleasant for their members. This folder was designed as a reference for first-time homebuyers. The inside of the folder offers a step-by-step infographic to help homebuyers think through their options and understand the steps that occur along in […]

Digital + Static Billboards

DIGITAL + STATIC BILLBOARDS DETAILS: Each year, I work with FORUM Credit Union to design six new static billboards that are displayed around the Indianapolis area. In addition, we work together on a monthly basis to update digital billboards. All billboards are designed to be on-brand, engaging, visible and convey a quick message about the […]

Elementary School Brochure + Postcard

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL BROCHURE + POSTCARD DETAILS: St. Louis de Montfort School wanted to create a brochure for prospective students. We worked together to design¬† materials with the “look and feel” of SLDM. The multipurpose postcard was designed to tell the SLDM school story on the back. The front offers a large box to the left […]